Thursday, August 20, 2015

They Would Whisper

I was beautiful once
Loved and cared for
I was majestic and splendid
People would walk by
And stop to admire
They would whisper 
Between themsleves
I wonder who lives here
I wish she was mine
I'd give anything to own her 
But I was empty
And left to rot and fade
People would walk by
But they stopped admiring
They would whisper 
Between themselves 
I wonder who abandon her
I wish someone would fix her
She needs a lot of work and time 
And rain fell
And sun beat
And time took its toll
And people would walk by
They would whisper
Between themsleves 
How disgusting
What an eyesore
I don't know how she's even standing
I would tear her down 
I heard them all 
I believed them
And I prayed for my destruction
Since no one knew my story