Friday, April 7, 2017


Midnight reigns in her heart
Unlit and dark and cold
She leans and struggles toward
That slice of warmth and light
Around the corner
Restless and
Determined to shine

Too Small To Be Heard

Withered and frail
Nobody noticed the
Earthbound soul's cry


Somewhere beyond my grasp
My love becomes vapor
Only together in dreams
Kept from the sunlight
Eternally tethered to the night


Time and again
Eventually drowning
And gasping for air
Love lies bleeding

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

She Who Listened

You are begging to
be understood. To be heard.
Trust me. So am I. 

When He Breaks You

Heartshatter and alcohol
Often best of friends
Never far from
Each other
Yesternight's dream
Becomes an
Everhaunting loss in the
Ether of morning


The ropes

They were just laying there

Whether they heal or harm

Will be decided by the next person

To wield them