Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Miles Between

Dusty and broken back roads
Racing against
Impossible time and 
Violent space just to
Embrace her Always 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Parking Lot

                The look. I recognized it. I’d seen it before. That was all it took to get me to move.

                “It’s been awesome guys, but I think I’m calling it for tonight.”

                The usual groans of protest and pleas to stay followed.

                Not a chance.  I knew that look. That flash of fire that she gave only me. The look that danced across her face so quickly that anyone who didn’t know her would never catch. The look that left no doubt what she wanted and made me rock fucking hard.

                By the time I’d made my way outside, she was halfway to the car. I saw her unlock the doors and slide into the back seat. Fucking hell.

                I did a quick left-right look and crossed the deserted street to the parking lot. Unable to do anything but think about tasting her, I closed the remaining distance to the car with a jog.

                I found her in the backseat on her back with her skirt pulled up and underwear tossed to the side. She slid her dripping wet fingers from cunt and sucked on them. She used her other hand to beckon me into the car. Every move she made was slow and fluid, as if she were made of molten glass. But I knew her limits. I knew she would not break.

                I leaned into the car and buried my tongue between her legs. I heard her moan. I felt her raise her hips. The smell of the car leather and her pussy made my cock even harder. And she knew it.

                I ate her cunt. Hard. Greedily. Sucking everything I could from it. Biting her. Licking her. Each flick of my tongue demanding attention from her clit. Each movement of my lips begging her silently to cum. And within a matter of minutes, she did. She screamed and moaned and said my name over and over. She bucked and twisted against my face as her body let wave after wave of orgasm bathe her. And finally with ragged breath, she settled her ass back on to the seat. Her fingers left their entanglement in my hair and cradled my face as I looked up at her.

                She was gorgeous.

                Absolutely stunning.

                And mine.

                “You next?” she asked with a crooked smile.

                “Oh no,” I answered, my own lust making my voice heavy. “I’m taking you home for a proper fucking.”

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Broken Sun

How can you dance when
Everything surrounding you
Turns to pitch black night?