Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Game: Part One

                I told him he had to wait for the signal. I knew he’d wait for as long as I wanted. So I calmly sat at the bar and sipped my bourbon. Another fifteen minutes wouldn’t bother me, and the anticipation would drive him crazy in all the good ways. I could feel his eyes on my back from all the way across the room. I could nearly feel his breath on my neck. The air was electric in this old hotel, and the scent of oil polish from the beautiful mahogany bar made me heady. It was one of the most exquisite places in Old Town. Certainly, it was where I’d long pictured this scene playing out.

                Finally, I finished my drink. I reached into my purse and left the bartender a cash tip. I picked up the nearly empty glass to get the last bit of warmth from the bourbon. As I set it down on the bar, I tapped my forefinger three times on the rim of the empty glass. 

                The game was on.

                By the time I swiveled in the barstool and touched my heels to the ground, he’d already left his perch and headed for The Room. I noted the ding from the elevator and heard a tipsy couple enter the lobby. Their voices bounced off the tile floor in the wide open space, so I couldn’t tell if he’d entered the elevator or not. Their drunken giggles masked any chance of hearing the stairwell door closing. So whether he sprinted for the stairs or took his chances with the elevator, I couldn’t tell at this point.

                I smoothly shimmied down the hem of my navy dress and headed for the door leading to the lobby. I flipped the ends of my straightened hair over my shoulders so I could see everyone in my peripheral vision as I left. As I expected, several glances followed me to the door. The dress left little to the imagination with its curve hugging silhouette. I knew I had the hourglass to pull it off. This dress accomplished my goal of dropping some jaws.

                My heels made a soft click as I crossed the lobby to catch the elevator. There was only one lift, and I grinned when I saw the light shining for the up arrow. But after several moments, I realized that the elevator was still headed up. We were only on the fifth floor. He must have sent the cabin to the top floor to buy some additional time.

                Clever boy.

                The game was on.

                The elevator eventually made its way back to me, and the doors opened. I stepped in and pressed the button for floor five. The elevator rumbled its way to the fifth floor and opened its doors. The hallway turned to the left, and I followed the gaudy red and gold carpeting to room 506.

                I paused, if only for a split second, outside the door to listen for scamperings from within. I heard nothing. I grinned.

                I slid the key card into the lock and swung open the door.

                There he was. As promised.

                Clothes folded neatly on the corner of the cheap side table.



                And beautifully naked.

                Only his efforts of trying to conceal his labored breathing betrayed his rush.

                The game was on.