Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I turned my back
She never once begged
Just let tears roll down her cheeks
Stifled sobs concealed by
The back of her hand
My chin held high
I walked through the metal door and 
Let it slam behind me 
For effect 
But then
My eyes adjusted
And I saw that I had entered 
The cell intended for her
Her weeping
Shifted to
A deep rumble in her chest
I looked in my pockets
For a key 
And found them empty
The chuckles now laughter
I turned back to look through
The tiny window
Laughter now hysterics
As she tapped the iron
Against the glass
There was no more love
In her control
Her mocking laughter 
Turned to faded screeches
As she left me behind
And I thought myself alone
Until I heard the tiny voice
Echo from a corner
Of my new home 
"I always knew you'd find me."

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