Monday, September 29, 2014


Glass half empty
Too far now to turn around
Hopefully there will be 
Shelter soon
The light keeps coming closer
Can't tell if it's angels or spaceships
Maybe the train carrying promises 
Has derailed
Since vows are only lies that haven't
Yet come true

At Arms

Steadfast Tin Soldier
Becomes Soldier of Fortune
My heart is shattered.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sidling my feet
Along the gravel
Completely unsure
Of myself
Eyes kept downward 
As I approach 
She looks over
And I reveal the daisy 
From behind my back
I'm unable to breathe
As I wait
For any reaction

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


You're so very smart 
You bruise what others can't see
And hearts don't heal well 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The world tilts
And tilts back
The winter shift is on
And the thief steals my sun
Leaving cold in her wake 
Casting a large shadow
As she leaves the flower behind
I'm left to dream
About warmth's return 
A shiver
A shudder
Then black
Tears can water 
My roots


Reach out.
It's just a fingertip.
I'll hardly notice it missing.
Keep reaching out.
A finger or two isn't a big deal.
Reach out again
And now a hand is missing.
But I sill have arms
I can still hold.
Do I reach out and
Lose to the elbow now?
I'm running out of arm
To slice off.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Dig until you can't 
Dig anymore, bitch. And then
Enjoy your new home.

Friday, September 19, 2014


It creeps up
By your feet
Swirling and hugging 
Your ankles
Travels up your leg and
Wraps tightly around
Your waist
Arms thrown wide 
You hug the air
That spirals and spirals 
And lifts your hair to
The sky 
Your entire body wrapped in wind
You'll never know you're strangling
Until the sky turns red

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Wanted posters shout:
Looking for elusive 
Self Esteem -
Criminal Outlaw
Crusher of dreams
Destroyer of hope

No reward 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Neither loud nor silent
Not gorgeous or ugly 
That horrible in between
Where no one notices you
Lost in the moat of plainness 
That divides the extremes
Possible to drown 
Without fanfare 
Better to fade unnoticed
Don't worry the edges

TwitterShort Challenge 4



                After spending forty-five minutes in a high intensity workout on the treadmill, I thought I would reward myself with a cup of hot tea. Naturally. Because after working out your heart to near explosion and sweating your ass off, it only made sense to drink a scalding hot beverage. I was going to show those bathroom scales who the boss was. Afterward tea always seemed to be the right way to calm myself.

                I had just placed the teapot from the cupboard on the counter when I heard a noise from the front room. My roommate was visiting family in Peoria, and I knew she wasn’t supposed to be home for another day. My jacked up heart rate only went higher. I couldn’t remember if I had locked the front door or not. And someone was definitely in my brownstone.

                I looked all over my kitchen for some kind of weapon. A travel coffee cup wouldn’t amount to much. Neither would the staple gun I’d brought from school since it was empty. The only thing left to grab was the cast iron pan.

                I grabbed the heavy skillet and headed toward the living room, hoping the intruder was still in the hallway. My first floor made a circle with the front door hallway, dining room, kitchen, and living room. I didn’t dare peek from the dining room to see if he was there.

                I crept as quietly as I could. My naked feet were soft on the Persian rug that covered the threshold between the kitchen and living room. I saw a shadow of the man thrown on the wall by the front door. I clutched my pan with both hands and drew it back over my shoulder. My knees were shaky. I was so jacked up on adrenaline and fear that I felt like I had no bones. I was certain a rubber chicken would have more ability to stand upright.

                I summoned all the courage I could and charged the man. I swung the cast iron with every bit of strength I had. With that one swing I remembered why I never made the softball team. Total whiff.

                “Jayzus Krryss, Eleanerr! Whahter y’doon?” the figure shouted as he ducked.

                There was no mistaking the accent.

                “Holy fuck, Tommy. I’m so sorry.” My face turned scarlet as my neighbor turned to look at me.

                “I goht a piece a’ yerr mail. Saw th’ door wa’zohpun.”

                “The door was open?” I asked, fear one more grabbing my heart.

                Suddenly a crash came from the kitchen.

                Someone, or something, was definitely in my brownstone.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I've been here too long
My feet are itchy
And my legs want to stretch
The streets and winding roads that
Threaten to swallow me
In their familiarity 
Push me to seek 
Something that makes me 
Feel once more
Something to finally break 
And allow me to grow
Something that says it's ok
To smile

Monday, September 15, 2014


Watching the time tick
Fumbling the lock pick
Lost in a small park
Crying in pitch dark
Making a small sound
Wishing to be found
Holding a rose fast
Praying it will last
Portal to a heart
Knowing it's false start 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Imagine courage 
Enough to jump but then not
Enough weight to die 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


When feeling becomes
Harder to bear alone
Everyone surrounding you 
Runs away
Everything is confusing
Architecture crumbles
Rivers run dry
Energy is stolen
You do your best to be
Optimistic however

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Wall after wall
Of frustration 
Beat the walls until
Your hands bleed
Scream until your ears close
And voice goes silent 
There's no one to hear
The isolation chamber 
Doesn't care how hungry
Or thirsty you are 
It doesn't even acknowledge you exist
Just how alone
You really are 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There sits my love
Across the sea
I imagine her laugh
As we text, we chat
Every facet of her an inspiration
Crafting beauty from a void
And she'll never know
The depths of my love 
Because I wander to the shore
And stare at the waves
Unable to go farther
For I am afraid of the water

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Grey 3

     After three days of travel, the landscape started to look familiar. The trees became more twisted. The ground became more barren. The familiar scent of sulfur danced in my nose. I never realized how home sick I had been until that moment.
     I had been fighting in the fifth civil war for over twelve years. For most of that time, I was in charge of messaging and correspondence. I knew I would never be called as a general, and I excelled at my position. The last mission I was commissioned to do put me on the front lines. That's when I found myself with fatal wounds and trapped under a fallen sister. The Unknown Angel gave his blood and I found myself changed. After a bizarre encounter with strange creatures in the woods, I knew I needed to find answers. Home was calling me back.
     I breathed deeply of the acrid air and tears nearly spilled from my eyes. Had it been so long since I'd seen this place? The sprawling castle of The King looked sweeter than I'd ever seen it look before. I kicked my heels in to drive my horse faster. The last five minutes of the ride were at a dead sprint. I jumped from my horse and crashed through the castle gates. I barely heard my feet hit the cold stone flooring. My all consuming thought was to enter the throne room and throw myself at The King's feet and weep with joy at being home.
     And suddenly my perfect vision was before me. There He was. The King. Shining and beautiful and everything that made sense in my world. I finally loosed the tears from my eyes and they streamed down my dirty face. I raced across the room and grabbed at His ankles.
     "FATHER!" I cried with breathless joy.
     I was met with silence.
     "Who are you?" He asked.
     Then the world I thought had just been righted completely tilted.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


And wandering the woods
I've lost the trail
Panic sets in
How will I get through
There is no way for anyone 
To find me 
There is no way for me 
To tell you I'm lost
Drowning without water
Racing heart
Beads of sweat weave their path
Along my skin
Shivering from fear
I'm crippled
And waiting to die
Please find me.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


On your knees
Keep them fifteen inches apart 
Don't hide anything
Tops of feet rest on the floor
Hindquarters to heels 
Bound wrists comfortably
Against your spine
Keep that back straight
Keep those shoulders back 
It's too early to show fatigue
Chin up, toy
That blindfold isn't going anywhere
You gave command 
For me to orchestrate 
So you take the fall
And Scarlet Woman rises

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Skip and skip
And skip again
A broken heart 
A broken record
Makes no difference
A heartsong that replays 
Over and over
Burns my lungs
Catches my throat 
Fires my brain
Fuels my soul
And oh the nights are so very long

Monday, September 1, 2014


She is close enough
To touch 
To smell
Brilliant and carefree
Appropriate laughter placed
Strategically to win them over
Bat of eyelashes 
She pulls them in
They always see her
While I stand in her growing shadow
Alone and shivering