Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TwitterShort Challenge 9


                Etienne couldn’t believe her ears. Grounded. And for what? Using a can of Raid and a Zippo as a flame thrower to get rid of some wasp nests? Clearly her mother would never understand her genius.

                This could not stand.

                Tonight was the third meeting of the Sage Stick Society. There was no chance she was missing it. She and the founding members were holding initiations tonight. She was expected to be there. No one in the super secret club would ever take her seriously again if she didn’t attend this meeting. 

                Etienne grabbed the broken Bulova pocket watch she picked up at a garage sale for two dollars and the remains of her half eaten chocolate Easter bunny and stuffed them into her backpack. Preparation was important when making a jail break, and rations would be crucial if she made it out. 

                She slowly opened her bedroom door and peered down the hall. She knew her little sister was already fast asleep in the bedroom directly across from hers. Getting to the stairs wouldn’t be a problem.  

                She slipped down the hall in her stocking feet and scampered down the stairs. Her parents were in the family room watching Paula Deen toss something around in an oversized salad bowl. Perfect. They were completely distracted by the TV.

                Etienne scuttled past the family room and into the main foyer. She caught her breath as the marble bust of Benjamin Franklin that rested on the corner of the piano seemed to stare her down all the way to the front door. No matter. Freedom was feet away.

                She ever so slowly turned the knob to the front door and pulled.

                There on the front porch was her little sister. 

                “MOOOOOOOOOOM!” Joni screamed.  “I TOLD YOU SHE WOULD TRY TO ESCAPE!!”

                Etienne gave Joni the death glare. 

                “Oh, Mother. This battle is yours. But the war shall be mine,” she vowed with clenched teeth as Mother grabbed her wrist and hauled her back to bed.


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