Monday, July 27, 2015

Back in Black

Kassie Jean never wasted time. She always knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. Tonight wasn’t going to be any different. She pulled her slick 1967 Impala into Charlie’s driveway. She wasn’t intimidated by how rural his home was. In fact, she grew up a country kid. The heavy concrete jungle of the city made her feel claustrophobic. Out here she could take in as much air as her lungs would allow. It was summertime and well into the evening. The sky had already turned pinks and purples as the sun retreated for the night. The fireflies were flirting with each other, and the frogs provided the soundtrack. She was ready for this adventure.
Kassie Jean was about ready to turn off the rumbling 327 motor when she noticed the porch light kick on and Charlie exit his house. He looked casual in his well-worn jeans and Mel-O-Cream Donuts shirt. His shirt wasn’t quite long enough to hide his catcher’s ass, and Kassie Jean took a good long look as he locked up his front door. So far, Charlie was everything he promised on Tinder.
Charlie half-jogged down the pavers leading to the driveway. He tucked his keys into his front pocket and ran his hand over his dirty blonde crew cut. The door hinge gave its usual groan as he opened the front passenger door and slid in. “Wow, you weren’t kidding. This car is gorgeous.” He reached across the bench seat and extended his hand. “I’m Charlie. It’s good to finally meet you face to face.”
“Thank you, Charlie. I’m Kassie Jean. This meeting has been a long time coming. Glad our schedules finally worked out after months of messaging.”
“Yeah. Jeez. And your pics do you no justice. You’re super pretty.” He rubbed his hands over the thighs of his jeans as if to work out his first date jitters.
Kassie Jean detected a hint of nervousness to his voice as well. She knew how to fix that. “It’s been a long while since you’ve been on a date, yeah?”
“That obvious, huh?” he replied with a nervous smile and another ruffle of his hair.
“Tell ya what. How about we get all the awkward stuff out of the way? Right off the bat.”
Charlie looked at her with narrowed eyes.
“Hop in the backseat.” she said
“Excuse me?” Charlie choked out.
“Trust me. Just hop in the backseat. I promise I’ll stay right here.”
“Ohhhhhh kayyyy…..” he replied.
Charlie took a deep breath and opened the front passenger door. The characteristic metallic squawk of the door hinge made Kassie Jean smile. Once the front door was shut, he opened the back door and slid into the backseat, snapping the door shut behind him.
Kassie Jean turned around and kneeled on the bench front seat. She quickly unfastened the tiny buttons of her fitted button-down shirt. While keeping her head down, she darted her eyes upward for just a second to gauge Charlie’s reaction. His chin was nearly on his chest and his cheeks were flush. Once she shrugged out of her shirt, she popped the hooks on the back of her bra. She tossed both articles of clothing on the front seat beside her and leaned with her elbows on the back of the bench seat. Her tits were perfectly perched on the backrest.
“Now, let’s see about getting past the first date jitters.”
Charlie shifted in the seat and slouched just a bit. There was plenty of room in the back of the ‘67, and his knees didn’t even touch the front seat. He unconsciously rubbed the heel of his hand against the button fly of his jeans. Kassie Jean could tell her inhibition caused a reaction.
“Don’t worry about me. Close your eyes if it makes you more comfortable,” she purred.
Charlie’s eyes rolled a bit as his lids fluttered closed. He let a heavy breath escape his lungs and continued to rub his cock through his jeans. He was incredibly hard within seconds. Kassie Jean’s voice was like honey as she coached him.
“I bet that cock wants out. How about you undo those buttons?”
Charlie didn’t waste any time. The buttons were undone with one pull, and his cock stiffened harder once the night air touched it. He wrapped his hand slowly and deliberately over the head and continued the stroke downward.
“Now, doesn’t that feel better? Show me how you stroke that pretty cock.”
Charlie did exactly what was asked of him. He picked up the pace a bit, making sure his middle finger ran over the divot of his head. The fire it sent through his body was near unbearable.
“That’s a good boy. Faster, Charlie.”
His breathing was ragged. His face was flush. His hand tugged harder and faster. Within minutes he knew he would cum.
Kassie Jean read all the signs perfectly.
“So pretty. Cum for me Charlie.”
It was all the encouragement he needed. Charlie’s hips thrust forward as his hand came downward. The crippled cry that escaped his chest emphasized the intensity of his orgasm. The cum drenched his twitching cock and covered his hand. Three more hard thrusts and the last was spent. He slowed his breathing and his stroke and eventually opened his orgasm-drunk eyes.
Kassie Jean hadn’t moved. Her smile was unstoppable. The entire car smelled like sex.
“How’s those nerves?” she teased.
“Gone,” Charlie replied with a sideways smile.
“Good,” she said.
“Give me five minutes to change. I need a different shirt,” he laughed.
“Five minutes. Then I’ll meet you for the first time again.”
Charlie smiled. She was definitely going to be an adventure.

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