Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Longest Summer


                 The last class of the year was finally over. I watched as finals-weary students shuffled like polite zombies from my classroom. In truth, I felt more like the giddy grade-schooler about to flee from his bus for the last time to embrace the summer. I’d been with the university for nearly ten years. Students came and went. Yet somehow the last day of classes always made me forget that in a few short months I would be right back at it, beating my face against a desk while trying to calmly explain why a comma is indeed important when expressing yourself in written form.

                Some kids are just morons.

                While stuffing loose papers into my satchel, I noticed one student who stayed behind. She was an attractive woman. Maybe a few years older than me. Likely that her kids had grown, and she was back to complete a degree she never finished. She was a decent student. Not much for class participation. Possibly just shy.

                She waited until the room was cleared of everyone but us. She stood and walked to the door. At a complete loss for comprehension, I watched her click the lock of the door and turn to face me. Her facial expression shifted just a bit. Barely perceivable. But I noticed. And so did my cock.

                I did a nervous cough and asked, “There something I can help you with, Liz?” I pulled the satchel resting on my desk closer to my body in hopes of concealing the physical effects of her smoke blue eyes.

                “Yes and no. See, Professor… I want to thank you. For everything. All the support. The critiques. The patience.” She walked in slow motion toward my desk. Each motion deliberate and teasing. The tilt of her head. The way she tucked her auburn curls behind her ear. The way she never broke eye contact. “I want to personally…” Her voice turned thick and sweet as honey. “…and privately for your help.” 

                There was no point in playing coy or feigning ignorance. 

                I walked around the desk and closed the gap between us in three steps. My fingers were instantly in her thick hair. My thumbs rested against passion-flushed cheeks. I took two seconds to reclaim eye contact and slid my thumb across her high cheekbone. She leaned into me with her hips and half closed her eyes. I was lost.  

                I didn’t waste another second before I crushed my mouth over hers. Greedy, devouring mouths mingled breath and spit and tongues as we both fought to get our way. The air was heavy and humid as I could feel my body temperature rise with each heart beat. Heart racing. Mind dizzy. 

                She finally managed to pull back. The blue in her eyes was now completely transformed to grey. She brought her hand to my crotch and felt a cock that had never been so hard. Wordlessly she measured my reaction as she rubbed my erection through my pants. When she felt the bounce of pressure from its throb, she took to her knees. Deft and delicate fingers slipped the buckled belt. The button and zipper followed. She wiggled her hand between the elastic waist of my boxer briefs and pulled down my clothing in one motion. My cock sprang free, and the cool air caused a fury of heat as I felt my balls tighten. 

                Her mouth was soft at first. Kissing and teasing. Gentle licks from a practiced tongue. I fought off orgasm after orgasm as she tortured my prick with her mouth. She never completely devoured my cock, making sure her tongue danced back and forth across my pulsing and sensitive head. One hand was around the shaft keeping time with the rhythm of her tongue while the other applied pressure behind my ballsack. 

                The abuse was too much, and as much as I wanted to prolong this ecstasy, I knew there was no longer any holding back. “Liz,” I barely said aloud. “Liz, I’m gonna cum.”

                She moaned her approval. The vibration was the final levee.

                I put my right hand behind me on my desk to steady myself as my hips began to thrust on their own. My left hand was again buried in her tresses. My knees began to shake as the intensity of my orgasm exploded from my punished cock. Her tongue pulled and coaxed everything I had to give. The cry that escaped from my chest sounded like it came from across the room as I barely recognized my own ragged breathing. I tilted my head back and let the passion flow through me. Waves of tension left my body as the last pumps of my cock were rewarded with once again gentle licks. The release was as powerful as the tension. I begged my heart to slow, and I looked down at her. She gave my softening prick a final kiss and stood.

                We both saw that I was properly redressed. A playful smile poised on her lips as she stepped back. “Will you be teaching fall semester?”

                “I will,” I said with confidence and authority.

                “See you then,” she replied. She unlocked the door and vanished into the hallway. 

                “Next semester indeed,” I said to an empty classroom.