Friday, March 6, 2015

Red's Cross

                The blood had been on the table for about twenty minutes. The edges had already started to dry and darken. I continued to swirl my finger through the middle of the pool like it was finger paint. “What is your name?” I asked her.

                She was slack on her cross, so I knew she was having trouble focusing. I licked my finger and crossed the room. Grabbing her chin roughly, I pressed again. “What… is your name?”

                Groggy eyes tried to focus on my face. I felt the flutter of joy in my stomach as her eyes widened and she recognized where she was. The nervous shine returned to her eyes. Her sharp intake of breath warned me of her impending wail, so I moved my hand from her chin to her mouth, covering it before she could exhale her scream.

                “Tsk tsk tsk…..” I chastised. I leaned into her with my full body. She smelled like daffodils in early spring. God I wanted her. “You’ve done that before. Better think twice before screaming again,” I warned her. I ran my free hand up her leg to where I’d carved her name in her thigh. “Now, I’ll remove my hand if you tell me your name. Yes?”

                She nodded and closed her eyes. A single tear slipped from her eye as I felt her body relax. I removed my hand, but kept myself pressed against her. “Now, what is your name?”

                “Red. My name is Red.”

                “That’s my good girl.” I pushed forward with my hips a little before I took a step backward. I was rock hard with lust. 

                A quick glance at the hourglass let me know she had about five minutes left to be chained on her rack. I spent that time taunting her with flogs and canes. Each concussion reverberated throughout the tiny room. All too soon, the bell rang. And the assignment was complete.

                I unchained her wrists and ankles. She fell like a ragdoll into my arms, and I carried her to a lavender bath that waited. I stepped back wondering if I’d performed as she had wished.

                I was rewarded with a generous smile. The warmth of the bath restored the color to her cheeks. She practically purred as the heat eased the tension in her strained muscles. 

                I bowed and turned to leave. 

                “Thing,” she said.

                I stood frozen.

                “Take off your clothes and sit in the corner. I want to watch you finish. No point in letting that erection go to waste.”

                “Yes, Mistress,” I replied, all too eager to comply.