Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Kitty and The Archer

Emily walked quickly down the hallway. Her heels were silenced by the intricately patterned carpet. 

Best to hide spills and mishaps…

Excitement pooled in her belly. She wondered where he’d be. She only knew that he was here... at this location. She wondered what he’d look like. How his voice would sound in person. Her scalp tickled with excitement mixed with a healthy dose of anxiety. 

“Breathe,” she said softly to remind herself of the most basic need. Air. 

Her leather bag rode heavy on her shoulder, and she tried to remember exactly what she’d put inside. Probably nothing she truly needed for today. Or maybe everything she’d ever need for a day like today. There really was no telling until they were in the moment.

She heard the elevator ding as it arrived. Her phone buzzed in her hip pocket as she rounded the corner and…

Brock fished in his jacket pocket for his car keys as he exited the elevator. He was already behind schedule. But this was going to work. It had to work.
Because he was so preoccupied with the meeting today, he rounded the corner and made full contact with a beautiful brunette. She was sent sprawling, her leather satchel and cell phone scattered on the carpet. He caught a glimpse of her panties as she struggled with embarrassment to right herself.
“Fuck. I am so sorry,” he said as he extended a hand to help her up.
“All my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.” She grabbed his outstretched hand and looked up to meet his gaze.
Brock noticed her hand was soft. He caught a soft draught of vanilla from her as he helped her to her feet. She was stunningly beautiful. She had hair the color of chocolate. Her figure was curvy, and he couldn’t help but stare at her wide hips. And then he saw the rose print scarf around her neck. This had to be Kitty.
“You’re ok?” he asked.
“Yeah. Totally fine. Thank you,” she replied. Her voice sounded much richer than the many times they had talked on the phone. 
“Okay, then. Be careful.” 
He walked off towards the lobby and disappeared behind a column, praying she didn’t recognize his voice.
Brock had to take a couple deep breaths to steady his nerves and calm his racing heart. Her voice had worked magic on him. He knew he was in for a wild ride.


Emily still flush from the awkwardness of being knocked on her ass, ran her fingers through her chin length layers to smooth her tresses. Today was off to a bang. Luckily, her heels hadn’t broken, and her clothing wasn’t torn. No damage done. Only a bruised ego.
“Way to screw it up before it even starts,” she whispered harshly to herself. 
She walked her way over to the front desk. “Hello. I’m Kitty. Is there a message left here for me?”
The front desk clerk said with a bright, cheery voice, “Let me check for you.”
She rummaged through some scattered pieces of paper on a side desk. When she found what she was looking for, she piped, “Ah yes! Right here.” She handed the small ecru envelope across the desk to Emily’s waiting hand.
“Thank you. Have a great day.”
“You too, Miss.”
The envelope was so light that Emily didn’t think it held anything. Her alias was written neatly in quill and ink calligraphy. When she turned it over in her hand, she noticed the tiny arrow drawn the bottom left corner. It was definitely from Archer.
Her hands shook nervously as she opened the envelope. The single sheet of parchment said simply ROOM 1024. She raised her gaze to the elevators and started to cross back across the lobby.
Looking in that direction, she thought back to her collision. The man was tall. Nearly too tall. He had a tousle of messy blonde hair and really broad shoulders. He could have been a linebacker on the old high school football team. But the incident had happened all so fast that Emily didn’t even really register what his face looked like.
“No matter. Room 1024 awaits,” she said aloud. 
She entered the elevator and pressed the button for the tenth floor.


Brock checked back after five minutes to see that Kitty had taken the elevator. The empty lobby confirmed that she was well on her way. He leaned back against the column once again. Tilting his head back and letting out a deep breath, he relaxed for a second. All was nearly lost.
He counted off the seconds it would take for the elevator to reach the suite he had secured on the tenth floor. He imagined her red heels stepping off the elevator. He imagined the steps she took as she got closer and closer to the suite. The door had been left slightly ajar so she could let herself in. He imagined how her hand would fly to her mouth as she stepped into the room. He thought about how the tiny chocolate roses would make her smile. He could see her look around the room wide-eyed in anticipation. She would drop her leather bag on the coffee table. He felt his cock jump at the thought of her reading the note he’d left behind.
Put this on. A black velvet blindfold had been left beside the note.
He left the shadow of the column and started for the elevator. By the time he reached the suite, she would be ready.


Emily gingerly touched the blindfold. The velvet tickled her fingers. She sat on the nearby ottoman and brought the cloth to her eyes. The darkening of her surroundings made her other senses heighten. She could smell the peonies and hibiscus in a nearby vase. She could hear the ticking of an anniversary clock on the mantle perched above the gas fireplace. It would make sense that Archer would want to meet like this. The comforting lilt of his voice tickled her thighs as she waited for him to appear.
She heard the soft click of the door. Instantly the air was electric. 
“Hello Kitty.”
The voice. The voice she grew to love. The voice that over the last three months was here. Just feet away from her. 
She leaned her ear towards where the voice had spoken. “Archer,” she said.
“Are you comfortable?”
“Yes,” she replied.
“I hadn’t planned on rushing this, fuck all if I can stop from kissing you.”
Before she could even reply, she heard three quick steps hit the carpet as he crossed the room. He gathered her face in his hands and planted a firm kiss on her pink lips.
Emily felt the months of distance vanish in the space of a heartbeat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back fervently. 
“How far are you willing to go, Kitty?” he asked as he broke the kiss.
“All the way,” she said breathlessly. He had no idea how much she longed to have him hold her, kiss her, caress her. Fuck her.
To reinforce her statement, she shrugged out of her jacket and let her fingers play with the buttons of her blouse. She’d worn this shirt several times before, but the blindfold made her notice the smoothness of the tiny pearl buttons that held her blouse closed. She made quick work of the buttons and was soon left in her bra, skirt and panties.
He breathed into her ear, “Let me.” 
So she did.


 He knelt before her and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor in a soft whoosh. He kissed her belly and inwardly grinned when he felt the flutter there. He continued to kiss her as he slipped a finger into the elastic of her panties. Her body gave an uncontrollable twitch as his touch tickled her hip. She smelled like vanilla all over and his hungry mouth explored her hips, her stomach, her thighs as he pulled down her panties.

She unlatched her bra while he made quick work of the bottom half. She quivered as his lips touched everywhere. 
She felt him rise as she stood naked before him. His hands grasped her shoulders. He guided her backwards towards the bedroom. After fifteen steps she knew she was just inches from the bed. The room had changed from a bright floral to a deep musky candle. While she stood there she listened to his clothes fall on the floor.

Letting his pants fall to the ground was a relief to his straining cock. The taste of her, the smell of her was nearly more than he could take. He had grabbed the rose print scarf from the floor of the front room, and he used it now to tie her wrists in front of her. He grabbed her bound wrists and guided her backwards to the bed. Letting her fall gently, she stretched her arms above her head. The picture was exquisite. His skin was on fire to touch hers.


She drew in a solid breath as his weight came upon her, pinning her to the bed. His naked flesh touched her and lit her afire. There was electricity in his touch. Urgency in his mouth. He crushed his lips to hers, and she fought back with equal passion. She knew in a matter of moments she would be undone.


Pausing only long enough to grab a condom, he parted her legs with his knee. The treasure there was ready to be discovered. He pressed the tip of his cock to the wet nether lips that begged to be touched. She was breathing raggedly as he pressed further inside her.

The touch of his head drove her to near madness. She strained upwards with her hips in order to encourage deeper penetration. He read her actions perfectly and pushed farther and farther inside her. They seemed a perfect fit.
“Kitty…” he whispered. 
The thickness of his voice, the motion of his hips, and the heavy scent of the room was all she needed to be pushed beyond the point of no return.

“Archer,” she whispered breathlessly back. The name like a song on his ears. He pumped harder and faster. Her nipples perked and darkened and he knew she was close. He ground his pubic bone against her crotch as he twisted his hips in small circles. The penetration and the friction making him reach his boiling point.


“Now,” she pleaded.


“Now,” he whispered.
He watched her blindfolded face contort with passion. Her lips slightly parted as her ragged breath escaped her lungs. Their rhythm was a frantic pace as she locked her heels into his buttocks to drive him deeper. The sweat from their torsos making a slick mess of their bodies. He matched her pace and came with a force he’d never known before. 


She gave a groan and felt her orgasm explode with his. The throbbing ache of longing was replaced with the highest plateau of passion. The orgasm was more intense than anything she could have imagined. The gentle decent back to earth left her calm and peacefully exhausted.
He rolled to her right side on the bed. “Do you want to see?” he asked.
“Yes,” she replied.


He reached up and tugged the blindfold from her eyes. He waited as her eyes adjusted to the light. 
Satisfaction washed over him as he saw the spark of recognition in her eyes when she realized he was the gentleman from downstairs. 
“My name is Brock Bowyer. Nice to meet you.”
“My name is Emily Ducat. Nice to meet you,” she answered with a bright smile and a twinkle in her eye. She wrapped her bound wrists around his neck and snuggled close to his naked chest, practically tasting the magic of their contact. 


And here I was worried about things I packed in my damned leather bag, she thought inwardly. And giggled.



  1. Loved all of these. I wish there was more to them. But loved them just as they were.