Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Grey 3

     After three days of travel, the landscape started to look familiar. The trees became more twisted. The ground became more barren. The familiar scent of sulfur danced in my nose. I never realized how home sick I had been until that moment.
     I had been fighting in the fifth civil war for over twelve years. For most of that time, I was in charge of messaging and correspondence. I knew I would never be called as a general, and I excelled at my position. The last mission I was commissioned to do put me on the front lines. That's when I found myself with fatal wounds and trapped under a fallen sister. The Unknown Angel gave his blood and I found myself changed. After a bizarre encounter with strange creatures in the woods, I knew I needed to find answers. Home was calling me back.
     I breathed deeply of the acrid air and tears nearly spilled from my eyes. Had it been so long since I'd seen this place? The sprawling castle of The King looked sweeter than I'd ever seen it look before. I kicked my heels in to drive my horse faster. The last five minutes of the ride were at a dead sprint. I jumped from my horse and crashed through the castle gates. I barely heard my feet hit the cold stone flooring. My all consuming thought was to enter the throne room and throw myself at The King's feet and weep with joy at being home.
     And suddenly my perfect vision was before me. There He was. The King. Shining and beautiful and everything that made sense in my world. I finally loosed the tears from my eyes and they streamed down my dirty face. I raced across the room and grabbed at His ankles.
     "FATHER!" I cried with breathless joy.
     I was met with silence.
     "Who are you?" He asked.
     Then the world I thought had just been righted completely tilted.

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