Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unwritten Diaries Sophette #1

Sophette I saw it again today. It was right after third period. Everyone was trudging down the hall to make their next class. There was May. Loud. Brash. The kind of girl who pats herself on the back for making others feel small. Most of the students here think she’s hysterical. I can’t be the only one who thinks she’s out of control. So we were all just trying to make it to class. But minding your own business when May is around is impossible. She was standing in the middle of the hallway hollering at some poor freshman. “I’m doing you a favor. You’re gonna need to toughen up a little bit Gidget. I’m your mentor.” And with that, she grabbed the girl by the arm and pushed her into the closest open locker. “Now you stay there until the tears stop and you can be a big girl. Then I’ll let you out.” WHAM. The locker slammed closed. Everyone heard the terrified whimpering of this 80 pound freshman. No one did anything. May left and went to class. I stood. The hallway emptied. I opened the locker. It was heartbreaking seeing her tear stained face. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy. Snot running over her lips. Blonde greasy hair falling over her face. She was an easy target. I asked her if she was okay. She nodded and ran to class. I got a tardy. If no one does anything about May, she’ll never stop.

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